Top Shelf Craft takes over development and support of SquareBit's plugins

25 January 2018


I’m excited, at long last, to announce that Top Shelf Craft has acquired all of SquareBit’s plugins for Craft CMS: Charge, Search Plus, Shortlist, and Maps.

We've already released our first updates for all the Craft 2 plugins, and we're hard at work on the Craft 3 releases.

Joel Bradbury’s plugins have long been mainstays of the Craft CMS world — and beloved in the ExpressionEngine community before that. I’m grateful to Joel for his vision in fulfilling the needs of developers and their customers for so many years.

I am working tirelessly to make this transition seamless for all of our existing customers. Starting immediately, support for Charge, Search Plus, and Shortlist, will be handled by us here at Top Shelf Craft. If you’re currently waiting on a response to your support request, feature suggestion, or bug report, I’d be very grateful if you could re-send your message to us, via

(I humbly ask for your patience over the next few weeks: As you can imagine, the intensity of support requests following this transition will be high, and we’ll be working through all of them as quickly as possible.)

Naturally, Craft 3 support is the most pressing question on everyone’s mind — and it’s also the primary reason I acquired SquareBit’s plugins: to ensure that they have a long and uninterrupted future as tools for our community. I’ve already begun development for Craft 3 updates, and I’m taking great care to ensure that the process of migrating to Craft 3 will be as painless as possible for projects that rely on these plugins. I look forward to making these products even more stable, feature-packed, and well-supported than ever before.

Yours Craftfully,

Michael Rog
Proprietor, Top Shelf Craft


p.s. If you have any questions about Top Shelf Craft, our plugins, plans and roadmaps, or anything else, please send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, here are answers to a few common questions you might have...


When will Craft 3 versions be ready?

Craft 3 versions of Charge and Search Plus will be ready before the Craft 3 GA release on April 4, 2018.

I expect a Shortlist upgrade to be ready very shortly thereafter.

Maps has been discontinued — although the Craft 2 version is still supported until April 4 — but not to worry: Our esteemed colleague Lindsey DiLoreto, proprietor of Double Secret Agency and the creator of the Smart Map plugin, has agreed to create an upgrade path for users of Maps for Craft 2, via Smart Map for Craft 3. More details on that process will be forthcoming from Lindsey.


How much will the Craft 3 updates cost?

Still figuring that out. I’ll let you know soon.

Rest assured, any purchases of Craft 2 plugins you make between now and April 4 will be grandfathered (for free) into a Craft 3 license when the Plugin Store is ready.


Will you continue to support the Craft 2 versions?

Yes! In fact, I've already published updates for all the Craft 2 plugins, which you can download now:

We’ll continue to support all of our Craft 2 plugins until April 4, 2018, or for six months after your purchase date, whichever comes last.


Where can I buy the plugins now?

Charge and Search Plus are now available for purchase at while we put finishing touches on a new Top Shelf Craft website. The pricing and volume discounts are the same as before.

Shortlist is now available for free. You can download it from our GitHub.

Maps is also free and open-source — albeit deprecated — available via GitHub.