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Top Shelf Craft takes over development of Charge, Search Plus, and Shortlist

We've acquired all of SquareBit's plugins, in order to provide for their continued development, and to support their customers. We've already released several bugfix updates for Craft 2, and we're hard at work on completely new releases for Craft 3! The official announcement has all the details.



Top-shelf plugins

Served neat, with a side of top-shelf support


A powerful Stripe payments toolkit, with one-time charges, subscriptions, and more.

Search Plus

Algolia search integrations for Craft: easy setup, flexible mapping, top-shelf support.


Generate PDFs from your CMS content in minutes. Design and style with HTML and CSS.


Trim, truncate, typogrify, Emojify, inflect, parse, Markdown, slice, search, replace, and scrutinze... your words.


Easily fetch, slice, dice, and output HTML content from remote pages.


Advanced array sorting, in seven super-simple Twig filters.


Powerful calendar event management. Multiple calendars. Multiple recurrence rules. Intuitive author experience.

Environment Label

A handy banner for your CP so you don't forget where you are.



Top-shelf services

We craft the code that brings your vision to life.

Site Builds

We build websites and web apps that delight customers and authors alike.

We've been working with CraftCMS since the very beginning. 50+ sites, 3 apps, and 12 plugins — and a growing stable of happy clients – have earned us an unrivaled reputation for deep CraftCMS expertise. Put us on your team.


We're the e-commerce developers that other e-commerce developers come to when they get stuck.

Esoteric use cases. Crazy multi-vendor integrations. Impossible deadlines. We take it all in stride to make sure your commerce project goes off without a hitch.

Custom Development

Nobody knows Craft to the core like we do.

We'll bend your CMS to the most challenging use cases and functional requirements, all while maintaining an elegant architecture that's simple to maintain and deploy.


Rocket your dev team's productivity with highly distilled, immediately actionable CraftCMS training.

Online, in person, at conferences, in workshops — Michael's teaching has earned appreciation from peer developers and businesspeople alike. Start your level-up today.